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  • Our bags comply with all EU standards
  • Bananas from the Canaries are packed manually
  • Bananas from the Canaries are handled with care
  • State-of-the-art technology in fruit processing
  • Manual packing of bananas from the Canary Islands

In an attempt to fulfil our customers’ needs, in 2000 we decided to offer a new service, and so we created Prepacking, our packing unit, under the trade name Frutas y Hortalizas del Norte, S.L.

Ever since we have been adding packed products to our range. Currently, we sell a host of products that meet the needs of all our customers, including leading retailers in our area of influence.

Recently, we have opened new facilities covering around 800 square metres, featuring two extensible film packing lines, a manual extensible film packing line, and three flow pack lines.

Refrigerated delivery

  • Txairo Logstica, S.L.: integrated services for our customers
  • Frutas Iru supplies most locations across Northern Spain
  • Cold storage of fruit
  • Fruit delivery management
  • Staff specialising in fruit handling and storage

Grupo Frutas Iru has a 2,100-square-metre fully refrigerated delivery platform whose trade name is Txairo Logística, S.L. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive service to our customers, who include supermarket chains, traditional groceries, restaurants, and catering companies in almost all the northern part of Spain.

Our delivery platform is made of the following areas:

  • Reception
  • Storage
  • Picking
  • Shipment
  • Administration

Our expert staff, modern facilities and high quality products combine for customer satisfaction when our clients get the goods in perfect condition.

Quality management

  • Continuous improvement at Frutas Iru
  • APPC system audited by our quality management unit
  • Member of the Association Cinco al Día
  • Continuous quality control of our products
  • ISO-9001:2000 certification for fruit and vegetable delivery

Following continuous improvement policies, Grupo Frutas Iru is certified by ISO-9001:2000 for Banana Ripening Processes and Fruit and Vegetable Packing and Delivery.

Grupo Frutas Iru complies with the laws and regulations governing food safety and has an APPC system properly audited by our quality management unit.

In addition, with health and wellness in mind, Frutas Iru is a member of the Association Cinco al Día, whose aim is to disseminate the beneficial properties of fresh fruit and vegetables in our daily diet. This is why we actively participate in the association’s steering body.


  • Support to promotional events with hostess services
  • Product tastings
  • Frutas Iru display in Mercabilbao
  • Advice on product display
  • Promotional support to marketing action

Besides direct sales and delivery, we offer other services that help our customers strengthen their market position compared to direct competitors. These services are: